Black-Lit Halloween

This last weekend I got the chance to work with my favorite photographers, Obi and Lera, on an awesome black-light session! I was nervous as I’d been in sort of a rut over the last few months, but Obi and Lera are so good at what they do that I felt like I was having too much fun. Check out their Instagram pages (Obislens & Lerastreetphotography)! They are incredibly talented and dedicated to their craft. Oh, they’re also pretty cool people in person.

I had to get used to my new 85mm f/1.8 lens. I’ve never had prior experience with a prime lens before, let alone use one in a low-light indoor photo-shoot with a black light, but it was almost too easy. Even before editing, the colors showed up vividly and bright, with a beautiful depth of field and crisp detail. Here’s a before and after to illustrate:

IMG_8651 BlackLight-8651

I’d have to say, once I got used to keeping my distance from the model, I knew how to get the shots I was looking for. This lens is incredible, and I am in love with it!

Want to see the entire gallery? Click here!

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