The Farm Road w Mekenzie

Yet another proud moment here for me.

Mekenzie was one of the first people I photographed when I started. If you don’t recognize her.. she was our black light model from the Halloween shoot w/ Obi and Lera.

It was inspiring to see her switch styles and rock this shoot so seamlessly. She made it so easy because I was in full photographer mode; searching for angles while competing against the sunset. It was an exciting session and I’m way more excited to showcase her album soon.

In the meantime, enjoy some before & afters of what we have so far =)

Snap ya later.


Equipment: Canon 70D body & Canon 85mm f1.4 lens

Post thought process: I am beginning to see how this 70D impedes how fast I can process my photos. Typically I would do a bit of the masking+smart sharpening combo, but I felt compelled to let the equipment speak for itself (or I’m just the laziest sob you know)

I blame the mark iv series. After using that bad boy for a phase there while I was still working, I saw first-hand how efficient the camera is. The clearest difference I could tell between the two bodies was how much detail was picked up by the mark iv.. which saved me a buttload of time in post.

Which, realistically, today is highly demotivating when you know spending time masking+sharpening 70D’s photos contributes to nothing when you can snap a photo with the mark iv and have it do pretty much all the post editing for you :] I distinctively remember exclaiming to my co-workers then and I’ll happily say again today: “editing these photos almost make them look worse.” at which I would say to myself its probably because you’re not as good an editor as you think. 

My birthday is coming up, guys. Maybe you have a $3000 budget to blow on a frivolous expense? Hehe.

Click HERE to see her entire album.



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