Pumpkin Head

“Halloween is here but I’ve got something else on my mind.”

I like Halloween, but nothing tops the cake like Christmas. The lights, the cold, the sight of breath in the air, the hot chocolate, endless amount of beautiful things to capture, and most importantly, endless opportunity to pursue awe.

I cannot wait.

In the meantime, I needed a set of headshots of myself and had the chance of working with my favorite person ever – myself! I was still awkward using my 85mm, which led to a giant pool of greatly composed but horribly unfocused photos. Yes, in retrospect, I should’ve used a remote shutter but in my defense, the session was essentially supposed to be series of selfies. Yes, I now know you can’t take selfies with primes.

Until next time! Stay spooky.

Black-Lit Halloween

This last weekend I got the chance to work with my favorite photographers, Obi and Lera, on an awesome black-light session! I was nervous as I’d been in sort of a rut over the last few months, but Obi and Lera are so good at what they do that I felt like I was having too much fun. Check out their Instagram pages (Obislens & Lerastreetphotography)! They are incredibly talented and dedicated to their craft. Oh, they’re also pretty cool people in person.

I had to get used to my new 85mm f/1.8 lens. I’ve never had prior experience with a prime lens before, let alone use one in a low-light indoor photo-shoot with a black light, but it was almost too easy. Even before editing, the colors showed up vividly and bright, with a beautiful depth of field and crisp detail. Here’s a before and after to illustrate:

IMG_8651 BlackLight-8651

I’d have to say, once I got used to keeping my distance from the model, I knew how to get the shots I was looking for. This lens is incredible, and I am in love with it!

Want to see the entire gallery? Click here!

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