Photoshop Skin & Texture Retouching

I got heavily inspired and motivated tonight to practice a full face texture/color edit (one I’ve always dreaded because of the amount of time it consumes), so I grabbed a simple front face pose with Mekenzie and got to work. Here’s the result:


Tools/techniques used:
– blemish removal with healing brush/spot/patch tool
– frequency separation & facial sculpting
– more healing brush
– dodge/burning
– face tuning
– liquify
– transform/distort

Hope to do much more because it was really fun. I’ve still got lots to learn in terms of paying attention to particular details, like the lips and jawlines in this case, but boy I wish it didn’t take up so much time :\

’til next time! More projects to come.

The Farm Road w Mekenzie

Yet another proud moment here for me.

Mekenzie was one of the first people I photographed when I started. If you don’t recognize her.. she was our black light model from the Halloween shoot w/ Obi and Lera.

It was inspiring to see her switch styles and rock this shoot so seamlessly. She made it so easy because I was in full photographer mode; searching for angles while competing against the sunset. It was an exciting session and I’m way more excited to showcase her album soon.

In the meantime, enjoy some before & afters of what we have so far =)

Snap ya later.


Equipment: Canon 70D body & Canon 85mm f1.4 lens

Post thought process: I am beginning to see how this 70D impedes how fast I can process my photos. Typically I would do a bit of the masking+smart sharpening combo, but I felt compelled to let the equipment speak for itself (or I’m just the laziest sob you know)

I blame the mark iv series. After using that bad boy for a phase there while I was still working, I saw first-hand how efficient the camera is. The clearest difference I could tell between the two bodies was how much detail was picked up by the mark iv.. which saved me a buttload of time in post.

Which, realistically, today is highly demotivating when you know spending time masking+sharpening 70D’s photos contributes to nothing when you can snap a photo with the mark iv and have it do pretty much all the post editing for you :] I distinctively remember exclaiming to my co-workers then and I’ll happily say again today: “editing these photos almost make them look worse.” at which I would say to myself its probably because you’re not as good an editor as you think. 

My birthday is coming up, guys. Maybe you have a $3000 budget to blow on a frivolous expense? Hehe.

Click HERE to see her entire album.



Fall with WizzBiff

After planning for this shoot for about a month or two, we finally met up for a Fall photoshoot! The photos turned out being more Winter-like, but the initial idea was to go for a Fall theme.

Elizabeth, or WizzBiff on Twitter (@Elizabeth_Anne6), lights up any room she walks into, and it was incredibly fun working with her. When I first approached her about possibly helping me expand my portfolio, she was ecstatic! You can tell she loves being in front of the camera and the camera loves her. Here are a couple of before and afters from her set. On to the next project! Snap you later.

View her entire gallery here.

Video Intro


This is a very very rough version of my intro for an upcoming video web series I am working on. It is on its first legs of operation and exciting plans are underway! I am excited to share this project with you, as it is an integral part of who I am and why I do what I do (hint).

‘Til next time!